We offer hassle-free services for UAE visa for tourism no gurantee deposit required


All you need to do is, send us an email to with applicants passport copy or call/whats up+971 564 039 555 with contact details of the applicant.

Passport Copy:

The copy should be clear and preferably in color, both first and last pages.

The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of application.


One clear passport size color photograph with white background.

Visa Expert:

Our visa expert will contact you and help you with further process.

Cost For Different Duration:

14 days - 350 AED

30 days - 375 AED

90 days - 950 AED

Get your visa within 5 working days.

Terms and Conditions for Visa Application:

Aira Holidays LLC

Aira Holidays LLC hereby declares that we have no role whatsoever in the assessment of a visa application, which is the sole prerogative of the government of UAE/Immigration department

Therefore, Aira Holidays will not in any manner be liable or responsible for any delay in the processing or rejection of any visa application.


This facility is available for tourist visiting the U.A.E and fulfilling the eligibility conditions as announced from time to time by the U.A.E Immigration authorities.

Issuance and Approval of a visa are solely regulated by the government of U.A.E and governed by their rules and regulations that may be amended from time to time.

Visa Fees

Visa fees are non-refundable and the applicant/visitor will not make any claims to refund the same for any reason whatsoever.

The visa fee does not include the credit card charges.

Visitors must hold valid travel documents and comply with the requirements of the government of UAE/ Immigration authorities.

The decision to grant or reject a visa is the sole prerogative of the Immigration authorities and it is final.

Rejection of Visa

In case of rejection of visa application, the applicant will be informed of the same and no correspondence will be entertained.

As advised above, visa fees will not be refunded and no reasons will be required to be given.

Processing of The Visa Application

It is understood that whenever the processing of the visa application is prevented, delayed, restricted or interfered with for any reasons whatsoever by UAE Immigration authorities to process visitor application, then Aira Holidays LLC will not be liable to any loss or damage which may be suffered as result of such causes.

Issuance of a visa or Approval of the visa application does not in any way guarantee the visitor right to enter U.A.E.

The entry is at the sole discretion of the Immigration officer at the airport.

In case of denial of visa or entry into U.A.E by the Government, Aira Holidays will in no way be liable to the visitor/guest in any manner whatsoever.

Cozmo Travel will not be liable for any losses or damages which the visitor may suffer arising from delay in processing or receiving the visa.

Visa Validation

The visa is valid as per the government of U.A.E/issuing authorities rules and regulations as amended from time to time.

The visa must be availed within its period of validity.

will not be liable to a visitor for any changes or cancellations to government regulations that should result in a visitor not being able to travel to or enter the U.A.E.

Reasonable Measures

Aira Holidays LLC will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information provided by the guarantor/visitor in its application form will remain confidential.

However, AIra Holidays LLC will not be liable for any unauthorized access by any means to that information.

Requested For An Additional Fee

All visas will be online eVisas however an original copy can be requested for an additional fee.

A copy of eVisa shall be provided to the customer once a round trip ticket is purchased through either our website or through Call Center/branch network else an additional service charge of AED 100 will be charged.

Cancellation of an issued visa may be requested at an additional fee subject to immigration conditions. Visa message or OK to board can be updated at an additional fee.

The Agency Authority

If any crime takes place during the visit of the traveler sponsored by us they will be dealt by the UAE police department.

In case if they are imprisoned or if the immigration system shows an overstay the guarantor shall be solely responsible for the penalties and liabilities.

The agency has full authority to take necessary action against the guarantor.

Aira Holidays LLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at its discretion and without notice.


Full Responsibility For The Applicant

I hereby undertake full responsibility for the applicant who will be entering U.A.E on visit visa processed by Aira Holidays LLC and that he/she will leave the country within the stipulated period depending on the visa issued, from the date of arrival. In the event of a default of this condition, I will bear all legal consequences.

I will be solely responsible for any expenses related to his travel, accommodation, food, and repatriation or any fine imposed by the authorities.

The Applicant / Guarantor expressly declare that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and that they are in agreement/compliance thereof.




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